• Ancient traditions; modern science.

  • Thinnest needles mean treatments are virtually pain-free.

  • Many conditions are improved in just a few treatments.

  • Acupuncture can improve nerve function, stroke recovery.

  • Treatments can reduce pain, therefore can reduce dependency on pain medications.

Health eFX Wellness Center

Herbs & Homeopathy

  • Natural support to help your body heal.

  • Finest quality herbs from around the world.

  • Homeopathics are chosen from specific labs world-wide for consistency and quality.

  • Custom-blended solutions available for your unique needs.

  • Professionally screened not to interfere with your pharmaceutical medications.


  • Patient-centered services since 1998.

  • Professional network means deep resources to focus on your needs.

  • Specializing in vision recovery, cancer support, cardiac conditioning.

  • Welcoming new or unique cases.

  • Working independently or as part of your healthcare team.

Health eFX Wellness Center

Digital Thermography

  • A leading system for breast cancer screening.

  • No contact, no compression, no radiation.

  • No cold-stressing.

  • Images interpreted by physicians (not PhDs).

  • Reports provided to you for each service.

  • Valuable in resolving chronic pain syndromes.