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About Us
It all started with a quest... and a desire to serve.
Health eFX Wellness Center began in 1998 in Ludington, Michigan. Before long, Gary was invited to provide services at the Evergreen Center for Integrative Health in Suttons Bay.

As Gary added more education and credentials, the practice expanded to include herbal and homeopathic consultations and full body acupuncture. He joined the providers at the Fruitport Chiropractic Center in 2006.

Today, Health eFX provides acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic consultations, and Digital Thermographic Imaging to individuals throughout west Michigan.

Health eFX Wellness Center

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Established patients are
eligible for telephone or email consultations.

Our Mission

01. To provide the highest standard of services.
Our providers are all fully trained and work within the limits of their qualifications. Using creative thinking and consultations with outside experts, we provide a wide range of programs for health maintenance and health restoration.

02. To provide the best quality products.
All the products we offer our clients are top-quality choices. Researched for quality and consistency, you can be assured of receiving nothing but the best. Some of our herbal products are custom-blended here at Health eFX, with ingredients hand selected for specific blends.

03. To stop seeing you for your current condition.
No, it isn't a typo. We work with you to restore and support your health. We'll be part of your wellness team, or work with you one-on-one. We'll meet with you in one of our offices, or occasionally conduct sessions by email or phone. We want you to be well enough that you don't need us any more. With that goal in mind, you will never have to make more appointments than needed. We work with you for patient independence.

Health eFX Wellness Center

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